Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 9, 2017

"Give us today our daily bread." - Matthew 6:11

These six simple words hold the keys to a life of joy and satisfaction. 

These six simple words tell you that YOU HAVE A PRAYER to find what you need at the deepest levels of your life!

When properly interpreted within the context of the Lord's Prayer you will discover four prayers within this phrase!

The first prayer within this prayer that leads to satisfaction is found in the word "GIVE" and it is a prayer of gratitude for all of God's blessings. 

How is that?

Think about it, when you pray asking God to "GIVE" you are acknowledging Him as a giver. And not just A giver but THE giver! And as THE giver He is the source of your blessings! Everything good in your life (physically, spiritually and emotionally) comes from Him!

"But, I work hard for what I have! No one gives me anything!"

I would ask you, "Who gave you life?"

I would ask, "Who gives you health and strength to work?"

I would ask, "Who provided your job for you?"

I would ask, "Who caused you to be born in a free and prosperous nation where jobs flourish and opportunities abound?"

God delights in providing for your needs and delights in you asking Him and trusting Him to meet those needs.

Asking God to "GIVE" your daily bread acknowledges your dependence on Him.

Asking God to "GIVE" your daily bread acknowledges that all good things come from Him, that He can be trusted to meet your need and you are grateful for His gifts! He provided for you yesterday and you hope in His provision for you today.

God is pleased when you ask Him to "GIVE" and pleases you with His abundant provision! So you HAVE A PRAYER when you pray, "GIVE US TODAY OUR DAILY BREAD".

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