Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 9, 2012

"Make every effort to add to your faith....." II Peter 1:5a
You probably remember your first real crush when you were young. It was intense! I think "crush" is the right word for it!
I love the story about the young fellow who found himself head over heels for a young lady. She was all he could think of and when he did think of her his heart rate went up exponentially! He couldn't wait to be with her and when he was with her and when he was with her hours became like seconds! And he was pretty sure she felt the same way about him! Life was wonderful!
He was thinking of her one afternoon at work when he really should have been working. As it usually happened, when he thought of her he became overwhelmed by her so he sent her this email:
I adore you, my Love! I would climb the highest mountain to be with you! I would swim the deeptest sea if it separated us! I would wade through a swamp infested with snakes and alligators in order to be near to you! There is nothing that could separate me from your love! And, by the way, I will be over tonight if it doesn't rain.
Hmmm! That's sort of a mixed message wouldn't you say?
Do you suppose that response planted a little bit of doubt in her mind about his professed devotion to her?
I'm not seeing "gazelle intensity" there!
That makes me wonder, "Do I ever send a mixed message to God? Do I stand in worship service caught up in the atmosphere of the music and sing songs of commitment and devotion that essentially say you will do anything for Him?" Only to bail out on Him when it gets tough?
"Make every effort" means I must go out in the rain or whatever is required to be obedient to God. Faith means believing that He can strengthen me and sustain me in any circumstance to which He calls me into. Unless and until I am willing to crawl out of my comfort zone I my faith will never have a chance to grow. The fact is that faith is dynamic, it isn't static. If my faith doesn't stretch and grow, it shrinks and weakens.
God forgive me for my mixed messages. Give me faith to go out in the rain.