Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 20, 2014

"Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy." Matthew 5:7

I haven't met a person who doesn't want to be right. I have met many who do not care about being righteous. 

Righteousness is being in a right relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. That relationship is a result of recognizing your utter spiritual corruption, repenting with a broken heart, submitting to His control over your life and then craving the infilling of His righteousness.

How are you to know if you have received His righteousness? His righteousness will become evident in four ways; you will become merciful, you will become pure of heart, you will become a peacemaker and you will suffer persecution.

So, a righteous person is a merciful person. How does that happen and what does it look like?

"The key to becoming a merciful person is to become a broken person. You get the power to show mercy from the real feeling in your heart that you owe everything you are and have to sheer divine mercy. Therefore, if we want to become merciful people, it is imperative that we cultivate a view of God and ourselves that helps us to say with all our heart that every joy and virtue and distress of our lives is owing to the free and undeserved mercy of God." - John Piper -

Righteousness is a function of God's grace. Grace is what God gives you that you do not deserve (salvation/righteousness). There is no possible way you could ever attain to the righteousness required to please God. You can only receive that righteousness as a gift from God through Christ.

Mercy is the flip side of grace. While grace is getting what you don't deserve from God mercy is NOT getting what you DO deserve from God (judgment and wrath).

So, every righteous person who ever has or ever will enter the Kingdom of God enters by His grace and His mercy.

How should one respond after having unworthily received the grace and mercy of God? Should he not extend that same mercy and grace to others?

In short, if you are merciful it proves you have been made righteous. 

Is there someone to whom you should extend mercy?