Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 5, 2013

"Jesus went up on a mountainside. He called for certain people to come to him, and they came. He appointed 12 of them and called them apostles. From that time on they would be with him. He would also send them out to preach. They would have authority to drive out demons." Mark 3:13-15

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, why are you following?
What is the point?
What is the purpose?
What is the payoff?
Do you know?
When Jesus called the Twelve, He made it very clear to them why He called them and what it would mean to follow Him.
They were to be with Him. God, from the time of Creation has desired to be in fellowship with Him. Mark tells us that He called these followers to enjoy a relationship with Him by faith. Relationship with God through was the point of creation and it is the point of our calling.
They were to proclaim Him to others who haven't heard His Gospel. He called them to preach with words and by their witness in all places at all times. Recruiting people for the Kingdom of God was clearly the purpose for following Him.
They were to demonstrate His power and authority over diseases and demons thus revealing His glory. Releasing those who were in bondage to sin and darkness was one of the reasons Jesus came and it would be a responsibility handed on to followers.
Jesus was clear in calling His disciples so they could be clear in their commitment as followers. They would live in relationship with Him. They would recruit others to believe in Him and follow Him, too. They would release others from the bondage of darkness by wielding His authority and power.
So, I ask again, why are you following?
Are you following Him to enjoy a relationship with Him?
Are you recruiting others to have a relationship with Him? Who have you recruited lately?
Are you revealing His power and glory?