Monday, March 26, 2018

March 27, 2018

"The angel spoke to the women: “There is nothing to fear here. I know you’re looking for Jesus, the One they nailed to the cross. He is not here. He was raised, just as he said. Come and look at the place where he was placed." Matthew 28:5-6

Lee Strobel's newest book, and probable best-seller, will be released today into the bookstores and on Amazon. It is entitled, "The Case for Miracles" and Barbara's miracle is prominently featured in the book.

When we asked him what drew him to Barbara's story he replied it is because her miracle was so well documented and skeptics demand scientific documentation to regard any claim as credible. Also, he mentioned the fact that her healing happened 37 years ago and she remains healthy is compelling evidence to doubters.

Not to be a spoiler but Lee builds his case proving miracles upon the two greatest miracles of the Bible: (1) Creation; (2) Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you can be certain God spoke the universe into existence with a word then you will have confidence in His power to change your circumstance!And, if God is able to raise up someone from the dead after three days He has the power deal with your problem.

This Sunday we will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! It is the pivotal event of history! Every aspect of faith in God rests on the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind and then was raised from the dead on the third day!

If that happened then hope happens! 

Good news!

The Resurrection of Jesus is one of the best documented historical events know to man.

Well-regarded Pastor and Author, John Piper writes:
It is worth pointing out that in establishing the historicity of the resurrection, we do not need to assume that the New Testament is inspired by God or even trustworthy. While I do believe these things, we are going to focus here on three truths that even critical scholars admit. In other words, these three truths are so strong that they are accepted by serious historians of all stripes. Therefore, any theory must be able to adequately account for these data. 

The three truths are:

1) The tomb in which Jesus was buried was discovered empty by a group of women on the Sunday following the crucifixion.

2) Jesus' disciples had real experiences with one whom they believed was the risen Christ.

3) As a result of the preaching of these disciples, which had the resurrection at its center, the Christian church was established and grew.

Virtually all scholars who deal with the resurrection, whatever their school of thought, assent to these three truths. 

I will share more compelling evidence of the historical documentation that proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the week progresses. 

But, the greatest proof of all is to meet the Risen Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior! He is only one sincere prayer away!