Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 5, 2017

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

This great chapter of Romans would be just as great even if you read it backwards. You can start at the end and it still communicates the same great truths. Romans 12 has much to say about discovering God's purpose for your life and this final verse is the purpose statement.

The purpose of every believe is to overcome evil with good! Is that a great goal or what? Who could be against that? Why wouldn't everyone want to sign on with that purpose?

I can think of at least two reasons why this is not as easy as it sounds:

First, how can we overcome evil when we ARE evil?

What? Me evil?

Yes, you! And me. Thanks to Adam, all inherit an evil fallen moral nature. Everyone of us have been born into sin and that sin separates you and me from God. So, the fallen moral nature is cut off from the only hope it has of changing. So, the first evil that has to be overcome in the evil within!

Second, who defines good?

Does it make sense that evil people would be left to define what is good? No way! We would define goodness down to such a level that there would be little difference distinguishing good from evil. That largely describes where our culture is today. Goodness has been defined down because moral absolutes have been abandoned. So, goodness becomes the subjective opinion of each individual based on what works best for them. That is the moral chaos we see around us today. That is why we have political correctness. God has been replaced by the government and the worship of the earth, so goodness is defined by what is good for the state and what is good for the earth. Think where that ultimately leads - whoever has the most strength and power will ultimately define what is good and what is not. It is called totalitarianism. God is the Only One Who is good and only He is the source of all that is good! Good is what God says it is! Good is what God is!

Verses 1 and 2 of Romans 12 tells you how to overcome the WITHIN you so you can confront evil in the world AROUND you. That is your purpose. It is the only way you can fulfill the purpose statement delineated for you and me.

Tired of the evil within? 

Ready to become an over comer? 

Begin living on purpose today!