Friday, March 21, 2014

March 22, 2014

"so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

The Word of God saves!

The Word of God shapes!

And the Word of God sharpens!

You become sharper as you study and learn more about the Word of God. You get sharper as you study and teach the Word to others.

You become sharper as truth challenges your thinking, as truth confronts your conduct and as truth convicts you of immorality.

The work of a thoroughly completed servant of God is to sharpen other believers in the way he has been sharpened.

How is that?

He sharpens other believers by teaching the Word faithfully and effectively so the Word can rebuke them and correct them and train them in righteousness.

To me, that sounds a lot like the Great Commission!

It sounds a lot like the work of making disciples.

Every Christian should have a plan for sharpening himself and others!

Every Christian should have a person that is sharpening him and a person he is sharpening!

Every Christian should have a place where he can be sharpened and sharpen others!

Let me ask you a couple of important questions:

Where are you sharper in your faith than you were a year ago?

Who have you made sharper over this past year?

Do you have a plan to be spiritually sharpened?

Do you have a person to help sharpen?

Do you have a place where you can be sharpened spiritually?