Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 9, 2011

EKG Devotional Day 33

Look aroun you. What in your world is eternal? Your diploma? Your home entertainment system? You week at the beach every Summer?

The only thing that is eternal around you and me today is people - human beings whose souls will live on after they die.

Some will be redeemed and will live forever. Some will be lost and will face God's righteous judgment. But putting our energies into serving, helping, loving, encouraging, and supporting other people is how kingdom people invest in eternity.

Our money is God's money, and it's intended to be used to advance His eternal kingdom. But storing "'treasure in heaven'" is so much more than just putting money in an offering plate. It's about invesing in our children rather than loading them up with gifts and gadgets. It's about investing in our families rather than filling  all our free time with pleasure. It's about investing in our neighbors rather than sinking all our time and money into the lawn and the landscaping.

It's not wrong to possess earthly things, but we can't let earthly things possess us. Money itself doesn't pose a threat to the kingdom person. But those who love it will always struggle when called upon to share it.

How do we claim victory in this area of our lives? We begin by acknowledging that we possess nothing. We determine that ur role in regard to money is to manage it for God, the real owner.

We look for opportunity to invest in forever through our church, our denomination, and other missions organizations that are advancing God's kingdom. We become involved personally and financially with relief organizations in our own communities.

Now let the Eternal control our checkbook.

Learning about the kingdom is exciting, but joining God at work in the world is even more exciting. How will you redirect your finances to join God's kingdom activity?