Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

“Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved……” II Peter 3:11a

Guys always remember the first car they owned.

My first car was a 1956 Mercury Monterey. It was ten years old when I got it and had plenty of rust spots, but it ran great! Of course, I only paid $100 for it.

I loved that car. I worked an after school job to support it and fix it up. Little did I realize how much support a ten-year old high-mileage eight-cylinder car would require, but I was soon to find out.

Over the time I owned that one hundred dollar car I spent hundreds of dollars and way to much attention and time on it. It always needed something!

Honestly compels me to confess that there were several times when I had to decide whether to pay my tithe or spend money on my Mercury. I am ashamed to admit I made the wrong decision a couple of times.

Each time I honored my car above the Lord, it developed a problem that would cost me extra money. I always paid for my improper priorities. That first vehicle was not only transportation it became a teaching tool.

One rainy night I agreed to do a favor for my co-worker and run him home after work. Even though it was a bit out of my way, he was my friend and I had a car. Because it was a little out of my way I decided to take a short cut not thinking that the short-cut would require me to travel under a railroad viaduct.

I underestimated the amount of rain that had fallen overestimated my driving skills. Remember those public service ads where they caution you against driving into standing water? I didn’t. And as soon as I hit the water I knew I had made a bad decision. When the water lifted my car off the payment and it began to float momentarily, I rued my decision. As my Mercury settled back down to the pavement and the water started streaming in under all four doors, my heart sank – as much as my car had.

My point in sharing this painfully embarrassing story is the lesson I learned. It is the truth that Peter shares in this Scripture portion. Those material things which steal much of our time and money and affection never lasts. All those things wear out, rust out, break down, get damaged, wrecked or stolen and our investments are lost. Even if they manage to last we will some day trade them or sell them or die and leave them behind.

Peter wisely admonishes us to value things that last forever and the only things that last forever are people and relationships. Since you and I are eternal, we should live like it and put a priority on preparing for eternity.

If you think you can wait until you get to Heaven to live heavenly, you are in for a rude awakening. If you are planning to live forever – act like it. Love God supremely and live in love toward His commands and His people. Your journey to Heaven begins today.