Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22, 2010

"He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." Revelation 21:5
Shakespeare once said, "Brevity is the soul of wit."
That being true, John the Revelator, is a genius! He says a lot in just this one brief verse.
Let's take a few minutes to reflect on what he tells us.
Our God is seated on the throne!
What does that mean to us? Everything!
It means He is sovereign - fully in control. He is large and in charge! Nothing happens in this universe without His permission or approval. When the world seems chaotic - like now - it is controlled chaos because He is omnipotent!
If you know Him as your Father and if you are committed to Jesus as your Savior, you don't have to worry! God has given you an abundant life now - His grace, His guidance, and His guardian angels! And He has guaranteed you an eternal life! The best part of the eternal life is that He will be there and in control!
Our God is making everything new!
How do you improve on perfection? God can! And He does! In Reve;ation 21 we see that God makes a new Heaven and a new earth! This is the REAL new world order!
Our God is so great and so dynamic and so intelligent and so creative that, though He never changes, He is always getting new ideas and better ideas and has the power to tweak and improve His creation! That is why we can spend eternity and never get bored!
So that tells us that as good as it is now - it will only get better! Always!
For you and me, the best news of all is that He made us new and He renews us every day!
Third, God is trustworthy and true!
Wow! It is good to know that Someone as powerful as God is trustworthy. We know in our world power corrupts. We are accustomed to leaders who become corrupted by power once they are trusted with that power by their people. God is not like that! Praise His Name!
What that means is that you can depend on Him - always! It means you can hope in Him - always! It means that you can commit to Him - safely! It means what was true yesterday will be true today - and tomorrow! There is a constant in the universe! There is an anchor - a sure foundation for all of time and eternity!
Get your heart and mind around this little piece of good news! Rejoice in this knowledge of God! Give Him praise and honor today! Walk in peace, and confidence and security today. Live in hope of tomorrow!
God is on the throne!