Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 10, 2014

Do you think it is possible to live without anxiety? Would you like to do so? Five times in the 10 verses, Matthew 6:24-34, Jesus used the word worry.

And in three of these instances, He spoke it as a command: "'Don't worry'" He wasn't merely making a suggestion or trying to calm people down. This was an order! "Worry." He said, should be banned from the hearts of kingdom people.

Why is it wrong for kingdom people to be fraught with worry?

1) Worry is futile and counterproductive. Jesus pointedly asked whether anxiety could add even a short time to our life spans (v. 27). In truth, doctors tell us that anxiety will most likely shorten our lives.

2) Worry indicates a lack of understanding. The nature and character of our Father is to feed the songbirds and water the wildflowers. "'Aren't you worth more than they?'"

3) Worry shows a lack of faith. Jesus said it takes a person "'of little'" to worry about His needs being met (v. 30). What impact does anxiety have on our kingdom witness?

4) Worry is an ungodly response to life. Of all the arguments against anxiety, this one should perhaps stun us. If worry is the pattern that comes most naturally to everyone (V. 32), why would we want to be known for being like the average unbeliever.

As kingdom people, there should be numerous things about us that can only be explained by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Freedom from worry is one of them.

When I pray, "Thy kingdom come," I am establishing that my first concern each day is God's kingdom and not mine. Further, I am asking the Father to show me what He s doing and allow me to participate with Him as He advances His kingdom on earth. Ask God to strengthen your faith and put your focus and the kingdom so that you can put worry behind you.