Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

"Good understanding produces favor." Proverbs 13:15

Think about the things you love the most. One of things that is true of them is that the more you get to know and understand about them the more you love them.
I love Jesus. I have been walking with Him and learning of Him for over 50 years and as my understanding grows my love increases. I will never tire of loving Him.
I love the Word of God. I have read it for over 50 years and have studied it seriously for 40 years and the more I understand it the more it amazes me! I will never stop loving the Word.
I love the Church. I have been in a local church for 50 years and have led local churches for nearly 40 years. The more I learn of it and the better I understand its dynamics the more I love it. If I had another life I would gladly give it to serve the local church.
The first time I played golf I was a teen-ager and I knew very little about it. But it was love at first tee shot. From that first round I could not get enough of it. The more I played it and practiced it and understood it, the more I wanted to play it and practice it and master it! I hope there is golf in Heaven because I don't get enough time to play it here on earth!
Recently I was visiting in my home town in Indiana. I went to a high school basketball game where my beloved Warsaw Tigers were playing in a tournament game. Having been away from Indiana for awhile I forgot how intensely passionate Hoosiers are about their high school hoops. As I watched the 0ne reason they do is because they understand the game so well, they really know their basketball!
More importantly, the loved ones in my life grow more precious and appealing to me the more I get to know and understand them. That is especially true of Barbara. When I first met her I thought she was too good to be true. She couldn't actually be as wonderful as she seemed. I had to get to know her better and understand what makes her tick. So, I committed myself to that pursuit. Twenty three years later I am still discovering that she is as good as she seems. And, in fact, she is even better! The more I know her the more I want to know her!
How about you? Whom do you know that you want to know better? How much effort and energy are you devoting to understand your spouse better? How willing are you to be known?
Greater knowledge and understanding lead to deeper love. Be careful where you aim your heart and mind!
What will you do today to get to know your spouse better?