Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2012

Founding Pastor Gerald Rodgers

District Superintendent Greg Reynolds & Wife, Becky

Celebration Crowd

Kidz Choir Starts Off Celebration!

FWC Pastors All Together
L to R: Former Pastor Joe Horrell and Shawn; DS Greg Reynolds and Becky;
Founding Pastor Gerald Rodgers and Brenda; Current Pastor Brad Snyder and Barbara;
Pastor of Spanish Congregation Eliseo Flores and Liz

"Where there is no vision the people perish....." Proverbs 29:18
It is fun to share some of these pictures from our exciting 15th Anniversary Celebration. Pictures capture the moments and help us relive the memories. Photos are about as close as you can come to preserving time. These "Kodak moments" are significant to our lives.
Pictures are important to the past, too bad we can't see pictures of the future.
Actually, we can! It is possible to see a picture of the future! It is called "vision".
Vision is a clear picture of a preferred future.
I read once that on the day that Disneyworld had it's grand opening in Florida - on the magnificent scale that only Disney could do it - someone leaned over to Walt Disney's wife and commented, "Oh, if only Walt could have seen this!" Mrs. Disney responded, "He did! That's why we're here!"
What was Mrs. Disney talking about? Vision! Walt Disney had a vision for an entertainment mecca on a scale that had never before been imagined. He saw it long before anyone else did! And we are able to see it today because he saw it then! That's the power of vision.
The celebration we had Sunday was possible because of the vision God birthed in the mind and spirit of Pastor Gerald and it was a joy to have him be there to see his vision fleshed out.
Having celebrated the past, we now begin to look toward the future. It now falls on me as leader to receive the vision from God and show you snapshots of what that looks like. Where there is no vision there is no future.
Over the next few days I want to pick up the paint brush a begin to create a picture of a preferred future for FredWes. This Sunday I will be sharing that with the church. I pray that picture will be as clear and compelling as those digital snapshots from Sunday!