Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

"God said to Moses, "I am who I am . This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you.' " Exodus 3:14
I am reading in Exodus 3 today and there were several rich truths that grabbed my attention. One of those I will share this morning.
God called Moses to do a risky thing. He was to go before the Pharoah of Egypt and demand that he release all he Hebrew slaves. That could get someone killed! Moses knew that. And, by the way, Moses was a wanted fugitive in Egypt!
Can you understand why Moses was a little anxious? What God was telling Moses to do was absolutely suicidal. Even if you were another king you would not do what God wanted Moses to do! But that is the command that came from the burning bush.
This was an uncomfortable moment for Moses. The Almighty God of the Hebrews was ordering Moses to go before the most powerful man on earth and demand something that would make him very angry. Has God ever asked you to do something very uncomfortable? Not since yesterday?
So, Moses knew that in order for him to pull of this impossible thing that God was commanding he would need to have some impressive credentials. When he asked God for those credentials, God said, "Say I Am has sent you!"
Interesting! God identified Himself as, "I AM WHO I AM". The interpretation is - "I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE". In other words, "I am always Who I need to be."
Isn't that the definition of sovereignty? Sovereignty means that God is and will be exactly what He needs to be! Why? BECAUSE HE CAN!
That is good news!
You cannot live the Christian life without His help - NOTHING - NOT A THING! Not one step, not one thought, nothing righteous or acceptable to God.
So, without His sovereign Presence and Power, you cannot please God.
Learn from Moses. Surrender to the I AM! Let Him be what you need to be and what He needs you to be. If you do - HE WILL BE WHAT YOU NEED HIM TO BE - so you can be what He needs you to be!
The I AM is! Will you be?