Friday, June 5, 2009

June 6, 2009

Before I begin my devotional thought I want to take a moment to wish my beautiful bride, Barbara, a happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing this journey with me, believing in me and for being such an incredible ministry partner! I love you very much!
Another way that God proves His existence is:
Communication Requires A Communicator
When you desire a love relationship with someone you want to communicate that fact to the object of your love. If you believe that God is love and that we human beings are the objects of His love, then you can expect that He would attempt to communicate His love to them.
Here are just a few ways He has tried to communicate with us that also evidence His existence.
Creation. The creation of the universe tells us there IS a God. It tells us that He is a powerful and infinite God. It gives evidence of an orderly and highly intelligent God.
Consciousness. God created us with self-awareness and intelligence and an internal moral guidance system called a conscience. He gave us this "radar" so that we can become aware of His existence and seek to know more about Him.
Chosen People. God communicated with several chosen people through whom He could communicate to the Human race. Men like Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Moses, and King David showed the power and purpose of God. He used these chosen men to raise up a Chosen Nation through Whom He could reach the world.
Changed Lives. Through men and women who heard God and obeyed Him, He demonstrated the amazing positive impact of His love, power and holiness. For instance, Saul of Tarsus was an antagonist of Christians bent on their elimination. But due to a supernatural encounter with God, Saul became Paul the Apostle who established the Christian faith through his writings and planting churches.
Christ. God's desire to communicate with mankind reached its zenith when God Himself became a man in order to reach men and women. His teachings, His example of holy living, His miracles, His death and His resurrection proved that Jesus was, indeed, the Son of God.
Because God knew that man was uncapable of seeking Him, He came to seek them. As the incarnate Son of God, Jesus, was uniquely qualified to die as the atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world. Three days after his brutal death by crucifixion, He rose again from the dead. That is a clear message of God's person, power, and purpose to all who believe in Him.
Church. Following Jesus' return to Heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit into the world to infill and empower those who hear and obey His voice. Through the teaching, preaching and ministry of the Church, God seeks to become real to those who are honestly seeking Him.
We live in an age of instant communication. I can choose one of several ways to communicate immediately with whoever I want to talk with. I can call on my cell phone, I can send a text message on my phone, or I can send an email on my computer. If I get lonely for one of my children or need to communicate with Barbara, I can dial a number to speak to them and hear their voices within a matter of seconds.
It is natural to want to communicate with those you love. You have a deep desire to know them and be known by them. So it is with God.
I find it amazingly humbling that God would want to communicate with me! The fact that He has gone to great effort and expense to be able to know me and make Himself known to me!
God wants to communicate with you right now. Will you take the time to listen?