Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2, 2010

"Greet one another with a kiss of love." I Peter 5:14

Whenever I return home and walk in the door I am assured of a warm and enthusiastic greeting - from my dog!
What sort of greeting do you give when you see your spouse? Is your greeting as sincere and passionate as your family pet? Do you meet them with a smile, a smooch or a squeeze? Or do you have a complaint or a "to do" list awaiting them?
The greeting thing works both ways. Not only should you expect to receive a warm welcome when you return home, you should bring one with you. You can be the hugger even if you aren't the hugee! And you can give a smile and a kiss even if you don't receive one.
If your home is going to be a refuge and a retreat it must begin at the front door. When you are thinking right toward your spouse all day. If you are communicating throughout the day via texts, emails or phone calls, you will eagerly look forward to returning home. The greeting is set up by the events of the day. If you bring an occasional gift you will significantly increase your chances of getting a warm and romantic welcome.
Outward affection is an indicator of inward attitudes. Learn a lesson from your pooch. Practice unconditional love by way of a warm and sincere welcome. When it comes to giving your spouse a
gracious greeting - treat him like a dog!

March 1, 2010

"Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy? " Proverbs 27:4
Jealousy is the dark side of passion. My mom used to refer to jealousy as the "green eyed monster", as in "Don't let the green-eyed monster get ahold of you!"
Actually, there is a positive side to jealousy. "For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God." Deuteronomy 4:24 If God is jealous there must be an upside to it. How so?
Since God loves us with a perfect and passion love He has a claim on us and our affections. He is our Creator, He is our redeemer, He is our Father, and He is our Sovereign Lord. For us to love anyone or anything other than Him makes Him rightfully jealous. God's jealousy is the flip side of His passionate love.
In the same way, when a spouse commits himself or herself to another for life with a sacred vow, both spouses rightfully expect faithful and unconditional love. When those affections are given to another, jealousy is an appropriate response.
The design God has for marriage instructs husbands and wives to never give one another reason to be jealous. Marriage partners should constantly strive to assure each other of their love and faithfulness. In a godly marriage, partners feel secure in each other's love. That is the goal. We owe it to one another to be the biggest cheerleader our partner has.
I thanked Barbara for blessing me with a secure love. She has never given me a reason to be jealous. That is a wonderful gift. Other than my mother and maybe my children, no one has loved me as fiercely as Barbara does. It disarms me sometimes. Because of her loyal love, I want to honor her the same way.
There are times, because of her incredible healing testimony, she assume almost a celebrity status. She gets invitations to go speak in places where I would never get invited. Sometimes I am just referred to as "Barbara's husband" and I stand in her shadow. When that happens, I have a choice. I can be selfish and resent her or be jealous about the attention she is getting. Or, I can celebrate it with her and be proud of her and happy for her. That is what I have always chosen to do. Because we are a team, evertime she wins I win!
Guys, what are you going to do today to make your lovely wife be more secure in your love? Will you carefully guard your heart and mind so she has no reason to be jealous?
Ladies, men are probably more prone to jealousy than you. What will you do today to make him know he is secure in your love and he has no reason to be jealous?