Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 13, 2016

"See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut........" Revelation 3:8

This is God's Word to the Church at Philadelphia one of the seven churches addressed at the beginning of the Book of Revelations. And this was the verse that came to mind when I heard the announcement that the State of Pennsylvania (ironically, despite that Philadelphia) had gone to Donald Trump and moved him past the required 270 electoral votes.

With the Trump-Pence Administration taking charge of the nation it is possible that God is giving us an open door of opportunity to continue worshiping and serving without fear of government restriction or interference. Let's hope so. Let's not assume anything. Who knows whether he will deliver on his promises.

So how should we walk through this open door?

Seek God passionately!

Make sure you spend quality time with Him in prayer and in His Word. Do as much listening to Him as you do speaking to Him. Listen until you know you've heard His voice and speak until you're confident He has heard yours. Remember His teaching - pray sincerely, pray secretly and pray securely.

When you worship, fully enter in. Give Him honor and glory.

Serve God purposefully!

Live as though you are on a mission each day because you are! Look for divine appointments each day and capitalize on them. Leverage friendships to love others to life. Practice I AM 3rd living every day.

Share God's priorities!

Live for what God loves the most! Give Him your time, your talents and the tithe!

Investing time with Him, investing time in your marriage, investing time in your children and invest in being the best employee you can be at work. Be fully involved in every moment every day for Jesus.

Use the talents He has given you at your job, in your church and around your community.

Give your tithe generously and joyfully and watch how He blesses you!

It appears God has graciously given us an open door! That is huge for this season of our lives and in the life of FredWes. 

We don't know if the Church at Philadelphia seized their opportunity or not. But God help us to march through the open door!