Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 19, 2015

“And David said, ‘What have I now done? Is there no cause? He then turned away to someone else and brought up the same matter, and the men answered him as before.” I Samuel 17:29-30

David was minding his business doing what his father Jesse had asked him to do – bring a supply of homemade goodies to his brothers on the front lines of the battle against the ferocious Philistines. But when he got there he discovered to his deep disappointment the Army of God was not minding their business. They were cowering in fear while the Philistine Giant boldly blasphemed their God.

That’s an example of what can happen when you lose sight of your cause. It’s very sad isn’t it?

Goliath had a cause and he was committed to it. Because he was clear on his cause and clearly committed to his cause he was winning the day!

The one who is most committed to his cause has the best chance to succeed. If he is willing to devote all the focus and energy and resources of his life to his cause he has a distinct advantage over the uncommitted or marginally committed.

I am convinced that courage flows out of commitment to a cause.

“But Brad,” you’re thinking, “Goliath was twice as big as any of them! What could they do?”

When you are truly committed to a cause you will find a way or you will die trying. Had the soldiers stood a hundred strong, taken him on one at a time eventually they would have worn him out! He could have beaten any of them but he couldn’t have beaten all of them!

David couldn’t match Goliath’s size or strength but he certainly could match his courage because he was more committed to his God cause than Goliath was committed to his!

Perhaps the most powerful lesson that comes from the story of David versus Goliath is this: when two people equally committed to their causes confront each other the best cause wins!

David’s victory over Goliath routed the Philistines and rallied the Israelites because he proved their God was greater than all other gods!

Evil seems to be winning the day in which we live. Giants of Islam and anti-Christian philosophies are on the march primarily because they seem to be more committed to their causes than the people of God.

It’s time for some courageous Christians to stand against the giants and for the cause of Christ. I know this for sure, when your commitment and my commitment equals the commitment of the anti-faith people I believe our cause will prevail!

Courage arises when you commit to a cause that is worth living for or dying for. Courage comes when you believe your cause is greater than any other cause on earth.

David believed it and he was right! Goliath doubted it and he is dead!

Could you use some courage?

What do you believe?

What are you committed to!

Is it worth living for?

Is it worth dying for?