Friday, June 17, 2016

July 18, 2016

"Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ."  I Corinthians 11:1

If it is your responsibility to lead your family, and it is!

And if you need to be a follower in order to be a good leader, and you do.

The question becomes who are you following?

Are you following someone who will challenge you and change you and cause you to grow?

Are you following someone you would want your spouse a or kids to follow?

If you are following the One Paul followed you will be a good place! You will have a blessed present and a bright future!

Paul was one of the best leaders ever. 

He had a profound influence on the world in his day, because of his influence on the Church of Jesus Christ. 

You and I still benefit from his leadership!

FredWes benefits from his leadership.

These truths shine a light on another profound fact of leadership. When you lead you are influencing at least two generations! Perhaps more than two!

How you lead your children will influence how your children will someday lead theirs and beyond.

Jesus calls you to follow Him. 

There are many reasons why you should follow Christ and following Him so you can lead your family well is one of the best reasons!

Follow Me As I Follow Christ

"Follow my example as I found the example of Christ." I Corinthians 11:1

In this verse Paul makes a very insightful observation about leaders. I urge you to take note of it.

All good leaders are good followers.

All good leader follow leaders greater than themselves.

Paul became one of the greatest followers Jesus Christ of all time. Because he followed so well he also lead well.

Notice that Paul didn't say, "Follow me as I implement my selfish agenda."

Paul didn't say, "Follow me while I figure out where I should go."

He didn't say, "Follow me as I exercise my autocratic will."

Paul said, "Follow me AS I FOLLOW CHRIST!"

Paul says, "Follow me BECAUSE I follow Christ!"

You may be thinking, "No offense, Brad, but this doesn't have anything to do with me because I am not a leader."

Ok, let me ask you this, "Are you a parent?"

If you are a parent who do you want to lead your kids?

You'd better be the one to lead your kids and you'd better make sure you are being led by Jesus as you lead your children.

Are you leading?

How well are you leading?

Are you following?

Who are you following?

How well are you following?

Can you say like Paul, "Follow me as I follow Christ?"