Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

"This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church." Ephesians 5:32

Everyone is passionate about something. The challenge is to be passionate about the right thing. And, if you are passionate about the wrong thing you must be willing to change.
A good question to consider is, "What was Christ passionate about? If you call yourself a believer should you not also be passionate about what Christ was passionate about?"
According to this portion of the Scriptures, Christ's passion was the Church. In fact, the Church is referred to as His "bride" and His relationship to His Church is to be the example of how men love their wives.
So, by implication, believers should be passionate about Jesus and if they are passionate about Jesus they will also be passionate about the Church. According to this Scripture, you cannot be passionate about Christ and be casual toward the Church.
Maybe you have never thought about it before, but there is an inextricable link between your relationship Christ, the Church and your spouse. You cannot be passionate about Christ and be casual toward your church. You cannot be passionate about Christ and be casual about your marriage. There is a passion pipeline that flows from Heaven to your heart.
If you have professed to be passionate about Christ and yet have become casual toward the church - take a hard look at your life. And if you claim to be passionate about your faith but are lukewarm toward your marriage - it is time for a heart check.
One of the primary expressions of your passion for Christ and His Church is demonstrated by your passion for your spouse. Over the next 40 Days we will be taking a hard look at that. It will be hard work but the payoff will be HUGE!
Get your passion in the pipeline and your faith gets stronger, your church gets stronger, and your marriage gets sweet!