Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 6, 2010

"The woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good to eat. It was also pleasing to look at. And it would make a person wise. So she took some of the fruit and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her. And he ate it." Genesis 3:6

So, what's the big deal about sin? That is a question I am examining as we begin this New Year in Genesis.

Thus far we have seen that sin separates, sin alienates, and sin complicates. Not one of those is a good thing but each one of them is an unfortunate consequence of sin.

In this post we will discover one more problem caused by sin. Sin contaminates.

Adam and Eve had basked in the pure and pristine presence of God, their Creator, in the Paradise He had designed just for them. Their all-wise and almighty Father had anticipated everything they would need and had provided it for them. It was bliss! We can only imagine.

But the Evil One, the originator of sin, the selfish, self-deceived fool Who dared to rebel against God in His very presence, could not be content to corrupt himself but contaminated other angels in Heaven who were cast out with him.

Sinning against God was terrible in itself, but the fact that it contaminated other holy beings shows the corruptive influence of sin. Its malicious nature is demonstrated in the fact that it is not content to merely destroy itself, but is driven to contaminate as many others as possible.
Incidentally, the reason that Adam was able to be redeemed from his sin and Lucifer wasn't, was because Lucifer originated sin and did so in the very presence of God. But Adam's sin was due to the contamination of the Evil One. And the contamination spread to you and me. We are certainly able to infect others!
Sin is insidious enough by itself. But it never exists in a vacuum it has to drag others into its grip.
Don't think you can handle sin. Don't think that a "little" sin won't matter. One sin was enough to contaminate the entire human race! You are contaminated. You will contaminate others.
Never underestimate the power of sin. And never underestimate your need to depend on the salvation of Christ, the cleansing power of His blood, the sanctifying power of His Spirit, and the purifying effect of His Word! Your only hope for decontamination!