Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2, 2012

"Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor." 1 Peter 2:17

There are some reasons for optimism if you are backing Governor Romney, as I am.

1. There is a real hunger for leadership in our nation and Mitt Romney has demonstrated leadership in his appearances on the debates.

2. With the economy struggling there is a need for someone with a successful business background to address the serious financial challenges. Gov. Romney has that resume. He is a proven business leader.

3. The results of the 2010 mid-term elections show a conservative resurgence. Also, the Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin was another example of a conservative trend even in a liberal state. Gov. Walker, a conservative Republican won the election for Governor. When the Teacher’s Union organized a recall vote to counter his efforts to force them to contribute to their pensions in order to help balance the State Budget, he won the recall election by a greater margin than his first election. None of the major pollsters saw either one of those landslide victories coming.

4. According to reliable reports, Gov. Romney is leading in the early voting by a 52% to 45% margin. None of the pollsters have predicted anything like that.
5. Just several months ago the electoral vote map was heavily in the favor of the President and it was hard to find many scenarios that would work in Gov. Romney’s favor. Now that is changing and a path to 270 votes is looking more possible.

6. One of the strongest points for the President was his likeability factor. Those favorability numbers have taken a tumble do to his poor performance in the first debate, his harsh tone in the third debate and the negative tone of his campaign.

7. The President has had trouble running on his very poor record on the economy and his very unpopular healthcare reform law. His plan for his second term sounds like more of the same. That is not inspiring the electorate.

8. There is mounting evidence that the President badly mishandled the Benghazi attack and is now covering it up so as to not hurt his re-election chances.

But, the power of an incumbent President is massive and they are rarely defeated for re-election. So, even though there are some positive trends in favor of Gov. Romney, the election is still very much in doubt. You must vote and encourage others to go to the polls.

There are crucial issues at stake in this election:

1) Gov. Romney winning the White House and Republicans winning the Senate is our last chance to overturn the Obama-care Law.

2) Our relationship with Israel has been very negatively affected and this further destabilizes the Middle East.

3) During this next Presidential term there will be several Supreme Court vacancies to be filled. It would do serious harm to the Constitution and the nation if two or three liberal justices were appointed.
4) The President has not submitted a budget during his entire term while adding nearly 6 trillion dollars to the debt. He fully intends to continue adding another 4 to 5 trillion in a second term.

All elections are important and it is important for all citizens to be well informed when they go to cast their vote. Christians should not only be well informed but "prayed up" when they go to vote. Their prayers should be for God's wisdom and for discernment of His will. Also, their prayers should be prayers of blessing and wisdom for the President.
Because of the condition of our economy, the instability of world economies and the growing threat of terrorism, this election is the most important of our lifetime.Treat it as such.
But after you have prayed and voted, trust the results to God and take comfort in the knowledge He is Sovereign and is in control. We don't have to vote on that!