Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

"For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

Christmas was impossible and Mary knew it. Elizabeth knew it, too. But it happened!

No less than Gabriel himself challenged Mary and Elizabeth to not just think "outside the box", he asked them to think "outside the world".

Elizabeth knew that an elderly barren woman can't conceive. Not possible!

Mary knew a virgin cannot conceive. It just isn't possible.

They had to think big. That had to think beyond the possible. There is no way Christmas could have happened! But it did!

It happened because God wanted it to happen and "nothing is impossible with God."

Here is more amazing news about Christmas - impossible things can happen! Things that are impossible for us are easy for God!

A barren woman gave birth to a prophet named John! Impossible, but it happened!

A virgin conceived and gave birth to a son they named Jesus! Never happened before and never happened since - but it happened! Nothing is imposssible with God!

Christmas proves that impossible things happen! Christmas proves that life can come from barreness! Christmas proves that God can bring life where there is no hope of life. He can do that because He IS hope and He IS life!

God only knows potential! He only sees possibilities.

If you learn anything from Christmas this year, learn to think "out of the world". Fill your thoughts with a God Who knows no limits and has only possibilities. Let Him fill your spirit until you can cry with confidence, "Nothing is impossible with God".

If you come into this Advent season facing some overwhelming circumstances, think out of this world!

If you come into this Advent season feeling impotent and hopeless, think out of this world!

Remember that Christmas was impossible - but it happened! And it happened because "nothing is impossible with God" and Christmas proves it!