Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 9, 2018

"Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your ancestors." Proverbs 22:28

We have established that boundary stones had not only had legal significance but also spiritual implications.

Moving a boundary stone was not only illegal but it was sinful because it was trespassing on the property of a neighbor as well as transgressing against the law of God. That would be double trouble!

You have to assume that since Solomon considers it important enough to mention this prohibition there must have been problems with people moving boundary stones. And you would figure that when they did move those stones they would not move them in terms of feet but only by inches so it would not be obvious a stone had been moved.

Once a stone was moved ever so slightly and everyone got accustomed to seeing it the adjusted position, it was safe to nudge it outward another inch.

So that is how greedy dishonest thieves stole land from their neighbors, an inch at a time and a month or two at a time for generation after generation. Inch by inch one boundary line was increasing while another was shrinking.

Isn't that how sin operates in our lives? Most of us avoid big, obvious sins but our daily acts of disobedience nudge us ever further from God until we find ourselves far from Him.

Let me ask you, "Are you moving boundary stones that God has said shouldn't be moved in your life?"

Have you convinced yourself that a little nudge here and a little nudge there doesn't really matter?

The Wise Man of God says, "Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your ancestors."

Maybe it would be a good time to call the Holy Spirit in to do a survey!

Perhaps it is time to get lined up with God?

The good news is that even though you may have move gradually away from God, you can come all the way back with just one act of confession and repentance!