Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 30, 2012

"Our God, be kind and bless us! Be pleased and smile. Then everyone on earth will learn to follow you, and all nations will see your power to save us." Psalm 67:1-2

I got into a conversation with a neighbor yesterday and we began talking about church experiences. He said he had become discouraged over his church because of a division over worship styles that nearly split the church.

This morning I was in a meeting with fellow Wesleyan pastors. The topic of "worship wars" came up and every one of them indicated they were experiencing some stress in their church over some aspect of music and worship.

What a shame that so many Christians in so many churches allow their personal preferences of music styles and types of songs to become the focus of worship rather than the God they are supposed to worship.

How sad that the very thing that is supposed to unite believers so often incites division among them. Worship that is supposed to make us contagious instead makes us contentious. Rather than the way we worship showing unbelievers a testimony, they look at the church and see acrimony.

God doesn't care about music styles or worship styles. He has blessed Gregorian chants, for Pete's sake! What God DOES care about is your life-style. What is going on in your mind when you come to worship? What is in your heart? What attitude do you demonstrate then you do come to worship? Do you come to be a blessing to others or do you come to get blessed by familiar people and familiar tunes and familiar words that have lost their significance long ago?

When you come to worship you should come seeking an encounter with God. When you come to worship you should come to celebrate your salvation. You should come alreadly worshipping because of your walk with the Lord during the week. You should come to celebrate the blessings and joys of your salvation.

Will you examine your attitudes in regard to worship? Can God use you to make the worship contagious rather than contentious? Ask God to reveal any motives in you  that are not pleasing to Him. Search your heart to make sure you come to bless God and celebrate His blessings rather coming to be blessed.