Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010

" always protects....." I Corinthians 13:7

Protecting what you love is instinctive, it is a reflex. You don't have to be told or reminded to protect something you love.
So it is no surprise that in this great verse that gives such a clear description of love reminds us that love protects.
There is no greater love than God's love and throughout the Bible, especially in the Old Testament there are many examples of how God protected His people in powerful and dramatic ways. One of the ways we know He loves us is because of how He protects us.
So, part of the Love Dare is to protect your spouse. There is no doubt that you would step up and protect your marriage partner if they were threatened physically. Try to hurt me and Barbara will scratch your eyes out.
But there are other equally important ways to protect your spouse and I want to highlight several of those.
Protect the relationship. Be ever vigilant against anything that would diminish your relationship with your spouse. Attacks can come from outside the relationship or from within. Guard your own heart and mind against attitudes, thoughts, habits, or distractions that threaten your emotional connection with your spouse. Stand guard! Pray for your loved one. Pray with them.
Protect your romance. This is part of your relationship but it is a special part that requires special attention. If you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone in a committed initimate relationship you might as well love it! Keep your relationship special. Reserve the most special place in your heart for your spouse and jealously guard that place. Stand guard over your affections and don't allow them to wander or stray. Continue to court your spouse and keep the fun in your friendship. Be friends first and lovers second. When something special or exciting happens to you, let them be the first one you share it with. Work as hard to keep your spouse as you did to win them.
Protect their reputation. If you offend Barbara, you offend me. If you insult her I am insulted. We are one. I have taken a vow to honor her and part of honoring her is protecting her honor. Say what you wish about me, I can take it. Say something negative about her and we'll have a problem. I hold her in high esteem. If you don't, we'll never be good friends. That just how it works.
Love protects. It protects the relationship, it protects the romance, and protects the reputation. If you don't protect those important things you don't really love. You protect what you love.