Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14,2009

Back in my baseball playing days, I would ocassionally hit a pitch on the "sweet spot". Every baseball bat has a spot where when it connects with the ball it launches it with maximum velocity. I'm not sure exactly why that is so, but I know it is because I would see the ball fly further than usual without swinging the bat harder than usual. To catch one on the "sweet spot" is....well.....SWEET!

The same is true in golf. A golfer lives to catch one on the "sweet spot" and hear that unmistakeable sound and watch the amazing way the ball flies straight and long!

Once you find the "sweet spot" on the bat or on the club, you try your best to hit the ball there every time you swing it!

I thought of that because as I was reading in the first few chapters of John I was noticing all the miracles that Jesus was doing while in Galilee. His first miracle was at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. One of his first converts was a woman at a well while on His way to Galilee. That conversion brought a revival to that area of Samaria in the region near Galilee.

Noticing that I did some research and found out that about 75% of Jesus' recorded miracles happened in Galilee. See the map above and notice the red triangle, it marks Jesus' ministry
"sweet spot".

His disciples also came from that area. John the Baptist had preceded Him in that area. I'm sure those two factors contributed to His high rate of results in that area. I'm going to do more investigation and see what other factors were involved.

It begs the question, "Did Jesus focus His ministry here because it was a "sweet spot" or did it become a "sweet spot" because He focused His ministry there. I suspect it was a little of both. That also merits further research.

But, for the purpose of this article, I want to concentrate on this thought about ministry "sweet spots". I believe everyone has one. Sometimes it is a geographical area, sometimes it is a ministry gift or anointing, sometimes it is ministry partner or team, sometimes it all the above.

Jesus had three years to accomplish His mission on earth. He couldn't afford to spend it in His "sweet spot". Even though your mission is more extended, you can't affor to waste time or efforts. So, know your "sweet spot".

What is your "sweet spot"? Where is it? Are you there? What must you do to get there?