Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

"This is the account of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God." Genesis 6:9Justify Full
"As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man." Jesus made this interesting statement as He was warning His disciples about the end times. This powerful statement reflects two crucial truths: God can only take so much wickedness and evil before He rains down judgment, what does He require of us to escape that judgment?
In a sea of gross darkness, fueled by the activities of malevolent spirits, Noah stood out like a beacon of light. He wasn't just nicer or more kind or a little less evil than the rest, he was a righteous dude!
It is instructive to know what Noah did to gain the favor of God and be chosen to save the entire human race. Genesis 6 gives three insights into that answer:
1) Righteousness
What does it mean to be righteous? In short, it means being right with God. It means making your decisions based on what is the right thing to do. It means resisting what is wrong. This rightness or righteousness is characterized by the statement in verse 22 - "Noah did everything just as God commanded him."
What is the key to righteousness? Obedience.
Not only was that right, it was entirely necessary for someone who would spend the next century building a boat in the middle of the desert preparing for something that had never happened before.
Are you committed to doing the right thing? Are you living in obedience to God?
2) Reputation
Not only was Noah well thought of by God - as important as that is - but he had the confidence of his friends and neighbors.
Not only was that admirable, that was necessary for someone who was about to embark on a major project to rescue an entire race!
I think one thing that is noteworthy about his reputation is that having a good reputation was not Noah's main concern. While you should care about your reputation it should not be the driving force in your life. If you worry too much about looking good to others, your motives will be tainted and your decisions will be selfish. Noah developed a good reputation as a result of being right with God.
How is your reputation among those you live with? How are you known at work? Does your reputation reflect well on God? Is God's love and grace reflected through you?
3) Relationship
Noah was righteous and of a good reputation because of his relationship with God. He walked with God. In a day when everyone else was running away from God, Noah was running with Him.
Today, as we face what could be these last days Jesus referred to, relationship with God is easier and more rewarding that it was for Noah. Why? Because of Jesus! Because of the Holy Spirit! We have both available to us, Noah didn't.
Are you walking with God through your relationship with Jesus by the Holy Spirit? Your righteousnes and your reputation will flow out of your relationship with God. How is your walk with Him?
Noah found favor with God and changed the course of history.
How will history record your rightness, your reputation and your relationships.