Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Do What I Do

"Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ." I Corinthians 11:1

Perhaps you have heard this little gem of advice, "Do as I say don't do as I do."

Pardon me, but that is the most ridiculous piece of advice ever offered by a humanoid.

First, it defies human nature!

It's just a fact that people do what they see not what they hear. You do, I do, all God's people do!

Second, people despise phonies so why would someone else take advice from one who essentially admits he is a phony?

If you have heard this advice offered I am sure it rang very hollow to you. I'm sure you saw through it and totally dismissed it.

If you ever offered this advice I have to ask you, why are you content being a phony and why would you admit it?

As a father (parent) if you want your children to embrace and model the best of values then you must set the example for them. You must be the living illustration of how those values are expressed in everyday conduct and attitudes. Don't just say it, let them see it!

The Apostle Paul boldly announced, "Follow Christ like I follow Christ! I will be your example! I will show you how to do it!"

That's godly leadership! 

Paul was very unhappy about how careless and thoughtless the Corinthian Christians had become with their conduct within the church. They were desecrating the Holy Communion, among other things. So, he devotes Chapter 10 to chastising and correcting their behavior.

What if following his earnest rebuke of these people he loved he would have said, " what I say not what I do?"

Real stupid, right?

Instead, he humble but boldly declared, "Do what I do!"

Real powerful, right?

So, dads, can you with integrity say that to your children? Can you challenge them to live for Jesus like you live for Jesus? Can you urge them to follow your lead?

Do as Paul does......and as he says!