Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 19, 2014

"But  you   should seek  God's  kingdom and His righteousness above all else, and He will bless you by completing your  life."  Matthew 6:33

The main theme of Jesus' teaching known as the Sermon on the Mount is the Kingdom of God. If He began His ministry teaching on that truth, it must be pretty important. Especially since He specifically instructs us to "SEEK IT FIRST".

Are you seeking His Kingdom above all else or are you preoccupied with building your own?

So, what's in it for you if you seek His Kingdom as your top priority? (Other than being obedient to His Word)

A King protects His Kingdom.

One of the main things a king does is to protect and defend his kingdom. Kings build walls and raise armies to protect their palace, their power and their people.

I believe if you study Jesus' teaching on the Kingdom, you will find the promise of God's protection. He promises that if you act justly and treat enemies gently, God will take care of you.

Throughout the Gospels and the Epistles are promises of God's desire and ability to protect His people physically and spiritually.

If you want the security of God's protection, surrender to His sovereignty and make Him your King!

A King provides for His Kingdom.

It is hard to have a kingdom without subjects, so a good and wise king will make sure his people are provided for. Kings are proud and powerful people and it doesn't serve their reputation well when their people are poor and needy.

A good king also understands that poor and needy people are more susceptible to revolutionaries or trouble-makers who might want to rise against the king.

Jesus' teaching on the Kingdom of God focused on His Father, the King of an eternal spiritual kingdom. He portrays Him as a powerful and loving God who delights in providing for His people! In our text, Jesus declares that He will provide everything needed by those who seek Him above all else! He provides out of love because He is an extravagant God Who delights in His people!

Unlike an earthly king who might fulfill felt needs or physical needs or even financial needs, God can meet your deepest spiritual need! That need is your need for righteousness - being made spiritually right before a holy God!

Stop trying to build your own kingdom. Your kingdom is just a zip code in the kingdom of darkness! Come out of the kingdom of darkness and into the glorious Kingdom of God where there is a King Who protects and a King Who provides!