Monday, January 30, 2017

January 31, 2017

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

One of the important principles we are learning during this sermon series is that your heart will follow your treasures. Some, even preachers, quote it incorrectly saying, "Where your heart is there will your treasures be."

That is not what Jesus said! And since Jesus says what He means, it is not what He meant. 

If you will be absolutely honest with yourself you will acknowledge that it's true in your heart. Your heart is drawn to the things you value the most! So, you must be very sure that you invest in eternal matters first.

No wonder the standard for giving throughout the Bible is to give the tithe first!

Think about it!

When you receive your paycheck and you choose to cut the first check as a tithe to God and your local church, guess where your heart will be drawn?

Toward God! You're right!

But, if you take the first portion of that check and use it to  buy something for yourself or to pay a bill, guess where your heart will be drawn?

If you are feeling distant from God or indifferent toward God you may need look no further than your checkbook ledger to discover why.

So, what should you do to close that gap and draw near Him again?

That's right, move your treasures (time, talents, passions, finances) back to Him! Your heart will follow!

So, you want to know how you can have a greater heart for God?

Invest more of your treasures in Him and your heart will follow.

I'm not making this up! It is what Jesus said!

Learn it!

Live it!

You will love it!