Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 10, 2015

"It (love) always trusts, always hopes...." I Corinthians 13:7

Always giving God the benefit of the doubt is evidence that His love is active in your life.

But love also requires you to give others the benefit of the doubt as well. That is what God's Word calls us to do.

One of the things that makes FredWes such an amazing fellowship is we believe in each other. We give one another the benefit of the doubt. 

That means we speak well of each other.

It means we are quick to believe the best of each other and very hesitant to believe anything else. Because we want the best for each other we believe the best for each other. If we have reason to doubt we prayerfully and humbly talk it over.

We defend one another from gossip or rumor.

A fellowship that always trust will be a church filled with hope! It will be an inspiring uplifting place!

A church like that makes it easy to believe and easy to belong! A church like that is powerful.

FredWes was at its best today as we baptized nine new believers who had come to Christ because of how the FredWes family believed in them!

The world needs more churches like that!

A church like that loves people to life.

I am blessed to lead a church like that!