Friday, November 18, 2011

November 19, 2011

EKG Devotional Day 38

How do we mere mortals dare think that we can advance the kingdom of God on earth? Since few of us ever hope to attain greatness in the eyes of the world, we just don't consider ourselves all that powerful or influential. It's ovrwhelming for most of us to think we could actually be involved in daily conversations and actions that impact eternity. 

Bu every Christian who lives with kingdom purpose can know true greatness. And this is why: "for thine is the power!" (Matthew 6:13). God is all powerful. We can't, but He will!

Truly, living with kingdom purpose by relying on God's power is the only way we will ever see lasting, spiritual fruit growing from the things we do or say. Any othe approach is destined for a temporary shelf life and guaranteed insignificance.

We must let God inspire and direct us if we are to perform HIs kingdom purposes. Genuine kingdom growth and ministry requires supernatural empowering.

Kingdom people are not given an option about being entrusted with God's power and His message. The Holy Spirit is given to us, lives within us, and produces all the necessary pwoer to propel our witness.

The Holy Spirit is God is us, enabling us to advance God's kingdom, to serve His purpose and do His will.

With God living in and through us, we have everything we need.

Has discussing and learning about God's kingdom changed you? How has it changed you? Write down those changes and ask the Holy Spirit to empower those changes. Ask Him to show you how He wants to use you for His kingdom.