Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 11, 2014

"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." Luke 2:52

Fatherhood is a BIG job and you don't really get a chance to practice. By the time you get halfway decent at it your kids have grown up!

The good news is that I can be a better grand dad than I was a dad and my kids can be better parents than I was because they gained from what I did right and learned from my mistakes.

Having established my struggles, I can admire those men in the Bible who were good dads. Perhaps the best dad was Noah because he labored for a century to save his family from the impending judgment God had promised.

The other dad I respect is Joseph the earthly father of Jesus.

I want to reflect on what I learn from these godly men who did dad well!

Having studied godly fathers I see they understood their role, they were aware of their resources and they knew their responsibility.

I wish those things were true of dads in 2014. 

God give us dads like these!

God give us dads that are clear on their role as godly fathers!

Joseph, knowing he was charged with the role of parenting the Son of God, made a really good decision. He decided he would allow the Heavenly Father to father Jesus through him.

Let me give you three examples (Mt. 2:3; Mt. 2:14-15; Mt. 2:19-22). In each of these passages God spoke to Joseph in a dream and each time Joseph obeyed immediately!

Dad, how is your obedience? Do you respond to God the moment you hear His voice?

How can God father your children through you if you won't hear Him or if you won't obey when you do hear Him?

Joseph did dad well because He was able to hear God's voice and was willing to obey when He heard God.

What are you going to do, dad?