Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 16, 2014

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1

Just seventeen words comprise this important introduction to the Gospel of John but in them are the crux of the Biblical story! The crux of the story is the central role occupied by Jesus, the Son of God!

Briefly, here are the details.

First, there is the eternity of Christ - “In the beginning was the Word…..”. While Genesis begins with Creation, John goes back before creation. In other words, "before there was a beginning the was the Word! And the word he uses from the Greek is "logos":

“logos” = “word” - i.e. – creative word,  creative thought, idea,  the creative concept

The Son of God was the creative force behind the creation of the universe. Before it existed it existed in His mind.

Second, there is the eminence of Christ - “…..the Word was with God…..”

“with God” = co-existent and co-equal with God

Literally – “face to face” “shoulder to shoulder” with God

God's Son was with God and  was like God and was of equal standing and perfectly united but possessed a separate identity.

Third, there is the essence of Christ - “…..the Word was God.”

The Son of God shared the same nature and the identical character of God!

God is love - so is Christ! 

He said so!

God is light - so is Christ!

He said so!

God is life - so is Christ!

He said so!

You know you should read the Bible - "the Word of God" because it is what Christians do. So, you read it out of a sense of religious duty and sometimes your enjoy it but sometimes you don't.

Let me give you a new way of thinking about the Bible. It is not just a book to be read, It is a Person "The Word of God" to relate to! Since He is the "Word", when you read the Word you are having an encounter with Him! You are not just connecting with concepts, you are connecting with Christ!

How do you think that should effect your attitude and approach when you read the Bible?

What needs to change in your mind or your spirit?