Friday, April 3, 2015

April 4, 2015

"It is finished!" - John 19:30

As established in the previous post, finishing well is crucial. 

In the NCAA Final Four games today it will be important for the teams to get off to a good start in the opening minutes of the semi-final games, but the two teams leading at the end of the game will move on to the National Championship game.

Being ahead at halftime is nice but having the lead when the game is finished is what matters!

When God says, "It is finished" it IS finished! Those who are right with Him will win!

I find three times when God says, in effect, "it is finished".

The first is in Genesis 1 when God had finished Creation and he pronounced, "It is very good!"

After spending six days speaking the vast and majestic universe into creation, God looked over what He had produced at His will by just His word He gave His approval! Saying, "It is very good" is the equivalent of saying "it is perfect!" or "it is the best I can do!" or "IT IS FINISHED!"

Everything  that needed to be created He created! Nothing more was needed to sustain life on Earth until His plan for this planet is fulfilled!

What would you add to creation, if you could?

I didn't think so......

Here in John 19 is the second statement of, "It is finished"! This time it is Jesus declaring it and it is equally significant!

Just as Creation was completed and perfect, so God's plan for the New Creation in Christ - salvation - was complete! Nothing more is necessary for salvation! 

The power of sin is finished! No longer do you have to be held hostage to your sinful nature! Jesus finished the power of sin on the Cross!

The penalty of sin has been satisfied! He was declared guilty and you have been justified!

The price of redemption has been paid! 

The plan of salvation has been made available by His grace through faith!

The personal relationship with God is now possible through the Cross of Jesus!

The power of disease has been broken for "by His stripes we can be healed"!

Creation is finished and it is good!

The new creation is finished and it is great!

There will be one more time when God will announce, "It is finished!"

That announcement will be marked by the appearance of Jesus in clouds of glory in the eastern sky!

At the third declaration of, :It is finished" time will end and eternity will begin! Your opportunity to respond to His grace will be finished.

Those who have believed in the Creation and who have received the New Creation in Christ anxiously await this finish line for their faith!

Those who still have unfinished business with God will dread this day for they will be undone by their unfinished business.

Don't let unfinished business with God keep you from finishing well!

Easter Season is a wonderful opportunity to look to the Cross and the Tomb and receive the joy of salvation through the Risen Christ!