Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 3, 2016

"Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them." Romans 16:17
Just five days out from the most crucial election in my lifetime I want to go public with my announcement that I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. In this post I want to list some of the reasons for coming to that conclusion:
1. She is a very dishonest person who doesn't mind telling lies to promote her own career and obtain more power.
2. Do in part to her dishonesty, lust for power and greed she is a fundamentally corrupt person.
3. In addition to her corrupt nature she has not track record of success or accomplishment to commend her leadership.
4. Not only is she corrupt she is lawless and appears to think she is above the laws of the land.
5. She is under an FBI felony investigation. If elected she would serve at least part of her term under the cloud of impending arrest of legal action.
6. She is a strong supporter of abortion right up to the moment of full-term birth.
7. She is not a supporter of religious rights.
8. She is an opponent of Second Amendment protections.
9. She is a globalist and doesn't believe in the need for well defined national borders.
10. She will not enforce existing immigration laws.
11. She will not repeal Obamacare but will work toward single payer government-provided healthcare.
12. She will raise taxes significantly and continue to expand the power, reach and size of government.
13. She will appoint radically liberal Supreme Court Justices and fundamentally destroy our beloved Constitution.
14. She will continue to dangerously bungle foreign policy by her anti-American instincts and continue to give away our national sovereignty to nations antagonistic to America's interest.  
15. She will through her support toward gay marriage and LBGT causes.
16. She will be antagonistic toward those who oppose gay marriage and refuse to embrace her point of view.
17. She will be subject to extortion by foreign government agents because of all the illegal actions she has been involved with.
18. She believes in made made global climate change and will take legal action against those who refuse to subscribe to that fallacious ideology. 
19. She will largely close down the coal industry and seriously damage our oil and natural gas industries by shutting down drilling operations.
20. She will continue to sell her influence to the highest bidder in order to enrich herself.
These are some of the reasons I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. 
And this is just the short list!