Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 4, 2010

"And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death—even death on a cross!" Philippians 2:8
When Jesus emptied Himself into the flesh of a man, how did that impact His divinity?
There are two theological concepts that come into play here. The first being "kenosis". This implies that His emptying did not diminish the essential glory that was His as the Second Person of the Trinity but rather it was veiled by the humanity He assumed.
For example, when a cloud temporarily obscures the sun, it doesn't diminish the power or brightness of the sun but it hides it for awhile. So, too, Jesus' glory was obscured by His earthly dwelling.
That is the "Kenosis".

But Jesus was also fully God. That is the term "hypostasis". That affirms that while Jesus was 100 % man, He was simultaneously 100% God. Through this "hypostasis" Jesus was uniquely prepared and qualified to satisfy the holy demands of God while atoning for the sins of man. Jesus was the God/man - sent from God to redeem and deliver man. Jesus was the bridge to span the moral separation between God and man.

So, there you have a couple of sound theological concepts upon which to build your doctrine of the incarnation. He became like you to provide a way whereby you can become more like Him in your nature and purpose.

"The Kenosis" and the "hypostasis" - two blessed truths AND - two terrific Scrabble words! Both help us understand the great work of grace and mercy our Father extended to us in the Person of His Son, Jesus, the Christ!

Now Jesus through the Holy Spirit greatly desires to take residence in your heart to transform your heart and mind. He wants to be born into you by faith to give you His life. He wants to unleash the glory of His Son through you - a form of the "kenosis" and the "hypostasis" revealed in you.

Jesus was the incredibly perfect Savior! Jesus is the humble yet victorious Lord! How amazing is that !

February 3, 2010

"but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness." Philippians 2: 7
We have pulled back the curtain and peaked at the great mystery of the Incarnation. The Second Person of the Trinity came and "morphed" into the flesh of a man becoming fully God and yet fully human ("isos" = exactly the same, fully equal).
In verse seven we see evidence of the God-side of Christ's nature and it sets Him apart in a significant way. Here's what I mean. The root of sin came from Lucifier, who in the very presence of God, desired to usurp God's authority. His lust "to be like God" is what brought him down and caused Him to be cast out of Heaven and eternally condemned. Sin entered the human realm when Adam gave into the desire to "be like God" in his knowledge and authority. That is the same rebellious nature we struggle with continually.
Contrast that to Jesus - WHO WAS GOD - and He surrendered it! He did not "grasp it" or "clutch it" desparately as Lucifer would have, or Adam would have or as you or I would have. We aspire to be in control, He was and surrendered it. We want absolute authority, He had it and surrendered it. We want to be free from accountability, He was and did not "grasp" the privilege.
This demonstrates that God is the Only One Who deserves absolute power because He is the Only One pure and holy enough to not be corrupted by it. His attitude displayed through Christ should give us complete confidence in the nature and character of God.
But more than just surrender these privileges, He made Himself nothing! Jesus, Who had everything gave it ALL UP and became NOTHING. That is one of the things you and I fear the most. We live under the terror of meaninglessness and powerlessness and strive to grasp for those things that give us meaning and power. Jesus didn't.
Why did He do this? Why would He give all this up?
One reason, to be able to redeem you and me - thus pleasing God!
What could God do in your life if you were to totally trust Him, His power, His goodness, His love, His Lordship to be your sufficiency and stop striving for power and significance?
Want to find out?