Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 24, 2015

"Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what sort of greeting this might be." Luke 1:29

God called a teen-aged Jewish girl named Mary to commit to an overwhelming life-changing experience so He could offer life-change to a world overwhelmed with sin.

And while we find her feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of this story it ends with her being overjoyed. 

How did she go from being overwhelmed to being overjoyed?

That's what we are considering around the blessed Christmas Holiday 2015.

First, let's consider what overwhelmed her.

She was overwhelmed when an angel from God appeared to her. 

I can't speak for you but I would find the sudden and unexpected appearance of an Archangel an overwhelming experience.

So did Mary.

Anytime you are confronted by God it is overwhelming because you are reminded of His holiness and your humanity. 

She was overwhelmed by the angel's announcement.

Anytime you are confronted by God He calls you to surrender your will to His will. That is an overwhelming proposition.

Have you been confronted by God's will and not found it overwhelming? I haven't because to start doing His will means I must cease doing mine.

We know Mary was overwhelmed by virtue of her announcements to the angel:

V. 29 - "Mary was greatly troubled at his words......"

V. 30 - "How can this be possible since I am a virgin?"

The reason we are having this conversation about Mary is because even though she was overwhelmed by His will she was open to it. She didn't say, "No" she asked, "How"?

I find it very encouraging that when God knew she was willing to obey, He helped her by speaking to some of her concerns. God helps those who want to obey!

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed around the Christmas Holiday Season?

Perhaps you are there now!

You are in good company!

Despite the manic attempts by our culture to secularize Christmas, still it confronts you with the will of God. Could it be that you would rather overwhelm yourself with Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas baking, Christmas decorating and Christmas gift-wrapping rather than allow yourself to be confronted by God?