Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3, 2010

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." Proverbs 14:34
Solomon throws out the choice that every free people and nation has faced over the centuries, will we honor God and be favored by His grace or or we dishonor Him and disgrace ourselves?
The history of Israel is alternating periods of grace and disgrace.
Our nation for over two centuries has been showered by the grace of God. For most of our 234 we have sought to honor God. He has blessed us abundantly. He has protected us. Hundreds of millions of people have found safety, security, freedom, prosperity, and happiness. Millions have found the freedom to worship and serve their God. Churches have flourished and have nurtured faith in their members. They have assisted the poor and sent missionaries around the world.
God has bless America and America has blessed the world.
That has been our legacy.
But for the past half century our nation has been losing its moral compass and drifting in a see of secular humanism and relativism. Rather than honoring God we have been bringing disgrace upon ourselves.
You cannot take God out of the schools and not disgrace your nation.
You cannot take respect for the Scriptures and teaching of Biblical principles out of your educational systems without disgracing your nation.
You cannot diminish the role of Christian morality and ethics in business, politics and government and not disgrace your nation.
You cannot disrespect unborn life and murder one million innocents every year without disgracing your nation.
You cannot pollute the airways, the world-wide web, and print media with pornographic images and not disgrace your nation.
Many in America have forsaken God and brought disgrace upon our once great nation.
What at we to do? Is there no hope?
According to a recent census there are 232,000 adults over 18 years of age.
A survey taken in 2008 revealed that 76% of those adult Americans profess to being perople of faith.
Assuming those statistics are accurate, that would mean there are 176.3 millions of people who believe in righteousness and desire His grace to be shed upon our land.
That could change things in a hurry! There is reason for hope!
But you and I have no control over those millions of other - but what about you?
Will you get right?
Will you live rightly and commit to always doing the right thing?
Will you stand for right and demand rightousness of your elected officials?
It's grace or disgrace! Which will you choose?