Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 5, 2015

"(love) always trusts, always hopes,,,,,," I Corinthians 13:7

Many wedding ceremonies contain a phrase to this effect, "And to you I pledge you my faith..."

In other words, the bride and groom promise to one another, "You can trust in me! You can put your hope in me!"

There is an undeniable connection between love and trust. 

Can you love someone you don't trust?

Can you pin your hopes in someone you don't trust?

Can you trust someone whom you can't pin your hopes on?

If you answered, "No!", give yourself a Popsicle!"

You cannot love someone you do not trust or don't respect.

So, "love ALWAYS trusts".

Some translations render this "love always believes".

The root word for trust means having a willingness to believe or an eagerness to give the benefit of the doubt.

Trust is something that must be given but it is also something that must be received. The word used here has elements of both! It is willing to give trust because it has received the trust of God. It is certainly easier to trust others when you have learned to trust God! It's nearly impossible to love if you are cynical or suspicious of others.

Here's something you can trust. Whether you give God the benefit of the doubt or not, He has given you the benefit of the doubt! 

"God demonstrated His love for you in this way, while you were yet sinners Christ died for you." Romans 8:28

When you think of God's love and how He loves you think of this, He believes in you! He always gives you the benefit of the doubt!

Will you choose to believe in Him? 

Will you always give Him the benefit of the doubt?

Will you give Him the trust He has earned?

Will you trust Him in your struggles today?