Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Is It With Your Soul?

"When he ripped off the fifth seal, I saw the souls of those killed because they had held firm in their witness to the Word of God. They were gathered under the Altar, and cried out in loud prayers, “How long, Strong God, Holy and True? How long before you step in and avenge our murders?” Then each martyr was given a white robe and told to sit back and wait until the full number of martyrs was filled from among their servant companions and friends in the faith." Revelation 6:9-11

This is one of the few Scripture portions that gives a glance into Heaven showing souls of those who have died on earth.

In these verses we can be assured these souls are very much alive and very engaged with other souls and the Heavenly Beings.

My last post revealed that our souls will survive. 

Today's post will assure you our souls will arrive.

How often has your heart been grieved by the evil and injustice around you? 

Don't you grow weary of innocent people suffering at the hands cruel people?

Have you ever wondered if justice will be done and evil people get what is coming to them?

Do you get tired of waiting for that to happen?

Then you will identify with those who even in Heaven, are crying out to God for justice. They are promised that justice is at hand and they will see it.

In Heaven all wrongs will be made right.

In Heaven injustice will be judged justly.

In Heaven the innocent with be vindicated and the guilty will be exposed and punished.

And the souls who make it to Heaven by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ will see that day arrive when justice will reign and evil will be dealt with.

How is it with your soul?