Friday, April 24, 2015

April 25, 2015

But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.” Numbers 14:24

Life is about change, but you have probably noticed that!

We don’t mind change when it is our idea or when we feel in charge of it, but realistically how often does that happen?

Dealing with change generally requires making mental and emotional adjustments first.

That brings me back to the statement that is our theme for the week-end – If you want to change your outcome change your outlook. That is the Caleb difference!

You can call it a paradigm change or a new mindset or an attitude adjustment, whatever you prefer, but until your outlook is right your outcome will be wrong.

God had some major changes for His people. They were good changes but they called for drastic changes in their outlook.


God was calling them out of being victims and into being victors.

As slaves in Egypt they had no rights, no privileges, and no freedom. They were at the mercy of their masters and where forced to take what they were given.

Nothing ever changed and they had lost hope of it ever changing.

But God had a better plan! His plan was to deliver them from slavery and make them His sons and daughters! That’s a huge change and it demands a major change in outlook. Though it was a very positive change it wasn’t an easy one. All their lives they had thought like victims but now they must begin thinking like victors. God was calling them to be victorious in the conquest of the Promised Land! That is a paradigm change many are never able to make.

How is your outlook?

Before God can change your outcome you must ask Him to change your outlook!

Also, God was calling them out of bondage and into boldness.

God created His people to be free and placed the desire for freedom in their spirit. But freedom is hard to get and even harder to keep. Freedom demands responsibility. Freedom requires self-discipline, self-denial and sound decision-making.

When bondage is all you’ve known, the boldness to break free is hard to muster. When bondage is all you have known discipline has been imposed upon you, decisions made for you and much has been denied you.

Bold actions must be preceded by bold thoughts and bold desires. To change that outcome requires a change in outlook.

God’s people had difficulty breaking the bondage of Egypt and finding the boldness to enter Canaan.

Will you be bold enough to ask Him to change your outlook?

Thirdly, God was calling them out of hopelessness and into their home.

People in hopelessly victimized by the bondage of slavery are in a bad place. That is where God’s people were when Moses answered God’s call to set them free. God had hopes for them when they had no hope.

God’s hope for His people involved a home where they could live in freedom and peace! Moses was called to lead God’s people out of His land of promise. The promise of this Promised Land was rest

When God called them out of hopelessness into His home He was calling them to His Self! He is the hope! He is the rest! He is where we belong!

God had wonderful plans for His people! But before they receive His plan they had to believe it. Before their outcome could change they would need to change their outlook!

This story is not just an ancient Old Testament story. This story is the foreshadowing of God’s plan for your salvation!

Egypt is your old life of sin and bondage. You were a hopeless victim of your own self-destructive nature.

Moses was the God-sent deliverer called to set His people free. He foreshadowed the Son of God who would be sent to save His people from their sins.

The Promised Land is the rest that God desires for us. It is a land that has where every enemy has been conquered and every passion has been brought under the control of the Holy Spirit. That is the different spirit demonstrated by Caleb!

In between Canaan and Egypt was the wilderness. That represents the life of salvation. Following God, learning to trust Him, getting to know Him and serve Him is what happens in the wilderness walk with God. The wilderness is where slave becomes sons and where outlooks and changed.

You can’t get into Canaan unless you go through the wilderness but you can’t get to the wilderness until you get out of Egypt! You can’t get out of Egypt until you trust Christ for your salvation from sin.

So this old story is as hopeful and helpful and powerful as it was in Egypt. God can still bring you out of your bondage into victory and boldness and into His rest!

Do you know this story?

Is this story your story?

Do you have the “different spirit” like Caleb had?

Are you ready for a new outlook?

April 24, 2015

“But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.Numbers 14:24

This week I have highlighted some of the ways Caleb was different from the other ten spies and the differences are stark.

One of the principles I was to pull from this story is this: If you want a different outcome you will need a different outlook!

Caleb clearly had a different outlook than the others spies ten spies (Joshua not included). He brought a realistic but optimistic report to rebut the negative discouraging report brought by the ten.

Obviously they all saw the same things but they saw them with different outlooks.

Caleb saw the grapes. They were huge and juicy and tasty! He imagined feasting on them the rest of his life once they conquered their promised land.

The other spies saw the grapes, too! They tasted them. They cut down a bunch of ripe juicy grapes to carry back to Moses. But despite the evidence they bore, their attitude was sour grapes!


Although the desired the grapes they also saw the giants. The big, bad, burly giants were the ancestors of Goliath and the descendants of Anak. As much as they wanted the grapes they wanted nothing to do with the giants! So the fear of the giants became their focus.

Caleb saw the giants, too. But he wasn’t about to let them keep him from the grapes! While the other spies saw the giants as big threats Caleb saw them as big targets!

Caleb remembered that God had promised this land to them! So those were their grapes! In fact, it tells us in Joshua 14, when the Israelites finally did cross over and conquer Canaan, the land that Caleb chose was Hebron, the territory of the giants!

So, there were grapes and there were giants. Caleb saw them and the spies saw them, but Caleb has a different spirit! His outlook was fueled by faith while theirs was fueled by fear.

Here’s the heart of the difference! When the spies saw the giants they saw themselves as grasshoppers. But when Caleb saw the giants he saw God!

Grapes, giants, and grasshoppers cause the other spies to grumble to the people.

But the grapes and the giants from the perspective of Godly faith stirred Caleb’s spirit within him! He was fired up and ready to go get himself some giants!

There are grapes in your life and there are also giants! Your outlook with determine whether you feast on the grapes or fear the giants. If you want a different outcome you will need a different outlook!

At FredWes this year your Leadership Team and your Trustees have diligently been spying for a new promised land. They have found some grapes but there are also some giants. They will soon be presenting their report. When they tell you about the grapes you will get excited. But then you will hear about the giants. That will test your outlook! Will you be overcome by the grasshopper outlook?

Or will you have a different spirit like Caleb who saw God beyond the giants?
In every group there are Calebs and there are spies.

Ultimately, like God’s people, FredWes’ outcome will be determined by our outlook.

God, let me be a Caleb!