Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009

"Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go." Matthew 28:16

Some things are obvious by their absence. So are some people.

In this Scripture passage we see the eleven who came to the mountain to meet Jesus according to His request. Did you take notice who wasn’t included in that number? If not, take a quick mental roll call.

Yeah, you’re right, Judas!


He had hardened his heart. His heart had become so hardened that he became insensitive to Jesus’ voice and immune to His will.

How does that happen? How does someone who walked with Jesus daily for almost three years end up with a hard heart?

There is a one-word answer, disobedience.

If you don’t intend to obey Jesus or to heed God’s Word, the worst thing you can do is hang around God’s Word or His people. Does that sound funny coming from a preacher telling you to stay away from church?

Why would you say that, Brad?

It has everything to do with the power of His Word. The Bible tells us that His Word never returns void. That means every time the Word is spoken or taught, something happens as a result. When you hear the truth of God’s Word you are responsible to obey it. When you hear it and obey the truth it brings you closer to Jesus Who Is the Truth. When you draw closer to Jesus you become more like Him. But disobedience separates you from Jesus and desensitized you to the truth.

The eleven show the value of obeying Jesus, Judas shows us the perils of serial disobedience. Hear the Word, heed the Word, and become holy by the Word. Hear the Word, don’t heed the Word and become hardened.
What will you do with God's voice today? Will you hear it and heed it or will you hear it and be hardened? Judas didn't become a traitor in a day. It took a lot of hearing and a lot of hardening.

Obedience matters. It makes a difference - an eternal difference – the difference between Heaven and Hell.