Monday, October 20, 2014

October 21, 2014

"But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence." I Peter 3:15

Following up on the thought-provoking movie "God's Not Dead", we have spent this month firming up our faith with reasons to believe by addressing there three questions:

1) If God exists, why would he allow so much suffering and evil?
2) Is faith blind?
3) Do all roads lead to Heaven?

This week we will address on final question in an attempt to help you apply what you have learned by equipping you to respond to those who are skeptical about your faith? So, "How should you respond to skeptics?"

First, you should have an awareness.

It is good to be aware of why you believe as you do, but you also should attempt to discern what is driving the skepticism of this person.

As I review the movie in my mind I recall four examples of skeptics who were driven by four different reasons for their skepticism. Let me help you recall how each of them illustrate causes of skepticism.

• Ayisha’s father–some people are not interested in the gospel at all, and are even violently opposed to it.

Ayisha was the Muslim girl in the movie who was eventually disowned by her father when she refused to renounce her Christian faith.

His skepticism was caused by his antagonism against Christians that is inherent in his Christian faith.

• Professor Radisson–some just want to argue, to contest truth no matter what proofs are presented.

The professor is typical of many skeptics who became angry with God because of some disappointment he had attributed to God. In the case of the professor, he prayed for his mother to be healed but when she died it crushed his faith and planted seeds of bitterness in his heart. Early in life as a heart-broken child, he became disillusioned with God.

• Amy–some are content with their life, as she seemed to be when dismissing Willie’s invitation to church, “No thanks.  I’m good.”

Amy was the reporter who ambushed Willie and Kory Robertson on their way into church. Her skepticism was driven by an agenda. As a journalist she was trained to be skeptical by nature. Add that to her ambition to become a well-known writer on the national scene and she was driven to create controversy that would attract readers.

• Martin Yip–and some are honestly searching for the truth about God, even someone from a communist country who knows nothing of Jesus Christ.

Martin's father was a wealthy business man back in his atheistic home country of China. Having been raised by atheistic parents in an atheistic culture he had discounted the existence of God and had never cultivated a spiritual faith.

Martin's skepticism was the result of his spiritual ignorance toward God and Christians.

If you practice your faith and live a Godly life, you will meet with skepticism from non-believers. Skeptics will not understand your faith nor will they understand your need for faith. Because they have intellectually rationalized their neglect of faith, they will consider you simple or lacking intelligence because of you believe strongly in God.

When you encounter a skeptic who ridicules you or rejects you due to your faith. Don't allow yourself to become defensive. Remember there is a story behind their skepticism. Seek to discover the reason behind their doubts:





A better understanding of their skepticism with help you be more patient and sympathetic when dealing with this person. It will give you better insights into how you should pray for this friend. 

With prayer and patience God may be able to eventually use you to turn their skepticism into faith!