Sunday, October 8, 2017

October 9, 2017

The name we bear is the only that will last forever. That's why we cannot talk about God's name without a final glimpse at the promise on an eternal kingdom. When the Lord told David that he would establish the work of Solomon's hands in building the temple, he went on to say that he would "appoint him over My house and My kingdom forever, and his throne will be established forever" I Chronicles 17:14

We know now that the Lord's reference to "forever" in His message to David found its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus, the Son of David....who was born in Bethlehem, the city of David....and who lives forever on the throne of his Father's kingdom. We, too, will live with him forever.

Still, we may long to see in our lifetime the fulfillment of all the things God has started in us. But neither we nor God's kingdom are limited to a human lifetime. Because we will walk on streets of gold and live forever in the glory of God's eternal kingdom, we can live free from the restraints of now and next week.

Yes, those of us who embody His name today can already enjoy a taste of His eternal kingdom. We live and serve and work and play in a kingdom that has no boundaries, no restrictions, no limits, and no end. This joyful task of embodying God's name places us squarely in the middle of God's will for this hour and forever in the freedom of His purposes for eternity.

Someone may ask you, "How can you be nice to that guy after he's been so awful to you?" or, "How are you able to be so patient with your children?" or, "Why does your family seem so happy and connected?" If they do then there's a name for what they see in you.

His name is JESUS!