Monday, July 27, 2015

July 28, 2015

"It (love) always protects...." I Corinthians 13:7

You know better than to mess around with baby bear cubs if the mama Bear is around. She will protect her cubs and separate you from your body parts.

God built that instinct into the nature of mothers whether they be mother bears, mother birds or FredWes moms! You protect what you love! Husbands protect their wives, parents protect their kids, and brothers protect their sisters and they all do it because of their love for for each other. Quite simply, you protect what you love!

That truth is obvious in the story of the two mothers who came to Solomon to settle a dispute over a child. Solomon wisely asked for a sword to slice the child in half so he could be shared between them. In His God-given wisdom He knew the true mother would want to protect the child and offer to give him to the other woman. That is precisely what happened and the one who was the child's mom offered to give up the. Solomon ordered the child to be given to her.

The word used for "protect" literally means "to cover".

Isn't that a great description of how you protect the people or possessions you love?

You protect your children by covering them with prayer, supervision, rules, and safety equipment.

To protect your family and the possessions in your home you cover it with a roof.

When you want to protect your vehicle you pull it under the cover of a garage or a car port.

Anything you want to protect you cover up to keep it from the elements or from being stolen.

You buy insurance coverage to protect you against the risk of significant financial loss if your car is wrecked or your house is destroyed by fire.

Love protects!

You will demonstrate what you love by what you spend in time, money and energy to protect!

One of the wonderful aspects of God's love is how He protects you!

In the next several posts I will share some specific and inspiring ways God has protected His people!

But in the meantime be encouraged, HE HAS YOUR BACK!